Cultural Experience

Indigenous Cultures Come Alive

From the moment you arrive at Page Springs Bed & Breakfast at Rancho Feliz you know you have discovered a very special place. As you breathe in the natural beauty of the high desert and the spectacular views of Sedona’s Red Rock country and lower Oak Creek Valley, you relax into the peaceful rhythm of this tranquil enclave.  The two lovely, comfortable homes, surrounded by lawns, xeriscapes and manicured gardens, are nestled at the base of a natural amphitheater that holds ancient Anasazi ruins high above the valley floor. Welcome to Page Springs Bed & Breakfast and the celebration of multicultural diversity - an incredible dance of the spirit.

Owners Connie Baxter Marlow and Andrew Bailey have chosen to honor indigenous cultures by creating and dedicating their homes to the celebration of the indigenous people they have personally come to know and love.  Eight different cultures are represented and brought to life through the ethnic décor, personally documented "family" photo albums, cultural artifacts, books, music and so much more.

upper house living room

The Upper House, with its panoramic views, beckons you into the world of three indigenous tribes: the Chamulan and Lacandon Maya, and the Bushmen of the Kalahari.

Lower House

The Lower House, with huge expanses of glass and colorful earth plaster walls brings the beauty of the southwest desert to your feet where you experience the Hopi people in the Hopi/Kokopeli room and a Maui Room.

The themed rooms in each home speak of the heart of these remarkable cultures.

Art on Display

The property is home to “Rhythms of Creation: A Family’s Impressions of Indigenous People of the World” which features photographs of Andrew Bailey’s: “Ancient Faces, Ancient Places”, Connie Baxter Marlow’s: “Indigenous Families “, Jack Baxter’s: “People and Places from Around the World” and Alison Baxter Marlow’s: "Uyghur People of China and Impressions of Tibet”. Unless you have caught this traveling exhibition elsewhere, in Concord, Massachusetts, or Aspen, Colorado, for example, you will not see a more sensitive cross section and presentation of indigenous people.

The InnStitute @ Sedona

Mandaza WorkshopRancho Feliz is also home to The InnStitute @ Sedona which explores a synthesis of evolutionary ideas for the future. Visit the library in the upper house for an in-depth exploration of related topics, where you can immerse yourself in Indigenous Cosmology, Quantum Physics, the Evolution of Consciousness, early American History, and the American Transcendentalists. There are many relevant videos, DVDs, and CDs, African and Native American music and much more. If your intent is to help change the world, here is a good place to take time out and deepen your understanding.

The Inspiration

Connie and AndrewPage Springs Bed & Breakfast owners Connie and Andrew have spent over 30 years between them, experiencing, collecting, and documenting their encounters with indigenous people throughout the US, Mexico and Southern Africa. It has been a spiritual journey for both of them, separately and together. Their reverence for indigenous people, ancient and modern, has taken them on a journey that transcends cultural boundaries and opens a way for mutual global respect honoring diversity within the model of human unity. At Page Springs Bed & Breakfast their vision unfolds and their life’s work comes to light. They have created a remarkable arena for celebrating multicultural diversity.

Come learn, relax, enjoy, expand your world vision and celebrate the diversity of the human spirit.

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