Andrew and Connie – Thank you for sharing your amazing place with us.  Your wonderful B&B inspired us to open ourselves to the possibilities of many truths.  The lower house became the “canvas” that allowed us to paint our story.  We came to Page Springs as friends and co-workers, and are leaving as soul partners and guardians of each other.  Again, many thanks.  You have a wonderful place that holds strong magic.  Thanks for sharing it with us. Mahalo. Joy.  Los Angeles, CA  3/17/07.

Andrew and Connie- Thank you for the beautiful night in your home and your hospitality!  It was a joy to sit with you around the fire.  We look forward to visiting again.  Stephanie. Los Angeles, CA  3/17/07

Never have I met two more honorable people.  Classy, dignified, well-read, well-travelled, well-educated, well-bred; loving is the word we felt during our fortnight with Connie and Andrew.  Truly entertaining and truly enjoyable. We will return.  Arthur and sons. North Carolina 1/3/07 

Thank you for opening your home, hearts and library to us!  This has been an amazing vacation, and you two were a big part of it.  I wish you great luck with your future works as you help the evolving consciousness by spreading the truth.  May your hearts always be open and your prayers answered in the best way – Love Andrew (son of Arthur) North Carolina 1/3/07 

Connie and Andrew –  This has been the best vacation of my life and much of it has to do with your place at Page Springs.  Y’all are so lovely and giving and have helped us in many ways.  This is a beautiful area and I’m glad that I spent my time at your B&B.  I hope that your future is smooth, and that we will see each other sooner rather than later.  With many thanks and love from my heart and soul.  Arthur (son of Arthur) North Carolina 1/3/07

We enjoyed our visit very much.  The education was an appreciated surprise!  This will always be your property, no matter where life takes you.  Marida & Bill.

Peaceful, beautiful retreat.  I love it.  Robin

Thanks for helping to make our 10th anniversary so memorable!  Such a peaceful, tranquil place.  Andrew and Connie, you make us feel like family.  We’ll look foreard to seeing you again in the not-too-distant future.  Joe and Fran  Phoenix, AZ  10/27/07

Breath-taking.  What a relaxing and pleasant place.  Thank you for your hospitality.  Great place for friends to get together!  Michelle  Prescott Valley, AZ  11/4/07

Beautiful place.  We look forward to coming back.  Thank you for a great birthday.  Fabulous breakfast!  Cecil and Nancy  Fountain Hills, AZ  11/11/06

What a wonderful & relaxing weekend.  Great breakfast!  Thank you Lori for the gathering of the flowers and wine. (He loved it !)   We will be back soon !  Martha and Rob,  Queen Creek, AZ  12/123/06

Beautiful place, fabulous breakfasts.  Connie and Andrew, you’re great host and hostess.  Thank you so much for your wonderful hospitality!  Pam, Tulsa, OK 10/8/06

Dear Andrew and Connie,
An infinite energy of love, beauty, wisdom, kindness and creativity was a perfect description of how I felt during my stay in your haven of spirituality.

Thank you so much for your warm hospitality as well as your generosity in sharing your space and life's experiences with the indigenous people. I was so impressed with the strength of your purpose and desire in this life of infinity. Many blessings and good health to you now and many years to come. Love,
Jennifer, MD - Phoenix, December 31-January 3, 2007

Your place is so beautiful! I am trying to remember the feeling of peace and contentment that I felt there, while back here in La La Land. Hard to do for sure. Kim from LA, Mandaza Weekend 10/06

Summer Solstice -- "The perfect personal retreat!  I was met by simple elegance with the basics of home and comfort - which allowed me to devote myself to the day's events with the knowledge that I could come "home" at the end of a brimming day to nourish and restore myself.  I look forward to recommending this great secret as an oasis for the soul, body and mind to discover this joyous place.  Sunny Redmond - artist, writer and healer, Aspen, Colorado. June 18-23, 2006

"We are so grateful for your welcoming all of us into your lap and for the opportunity to move freely into your kitchen to share some of our gifts with you. Thank you. You have our spirit connection and blessings. Meanwhile, we invite any news of your experiences and works." Dennis and Elise from PA. 3/06

"Inge and I would like to thank you for such a wonderful stay. We really enjoyed ourselves. You and Andrew  were really nice and made us feel comfortable. We wish you the best of luck with the renovations and continued success of you new B&B. We will try to make another visit soon." Inge and Re, Boston, MA.

"Blessings! I so enjoyed the peacefulness of this place and being in the countryside. After traveling so far it was a balm for my spirit and rest and healing for my tired body. Thank you so much for your hospitality and kindness." Wren Lake, companion to Willy Whitefeather. 2/28/06

"Andrew and Connie. You're the greatest for peace for the kids and HOPE for the future. Love you both. Willy." 2/28/06. To view Willy Whitefeather's short film "Hope". www.willywhitefeather.com.

"Very comfortable and homey." Diane from Denver. 2/19/06

"Had a wonderful time! We will come back." Patti from Denver. 2/19/06

"Thank you so much for a lovely weekend! Page Springs B & B will undoubtedly be a success." Susan from Prescott, AZ. 2/19/06

"Wonderfully healing, magical insights, hospitable hosts. A great stay." Vanessa Ruane, filmmaker from LA 2/27/06

"Peace + love + :-)" = Page Springs B and B. Kris from LA 2/27/06

"Connie and Andrew. Thank you for your generosity! We had a wonderful stay. All the best wishes for your success. Love, Kate and Isaac from New York." 2/26/06

Dear Connie,
I had to take a moment to write you and share how moved I was exploring your websites.

I am a filmmaker coming to stay at Rancho Feliz this weekend and so I was surfing the linksfrom that site and have been moved to tears by the photos and bios of your families lives. It seems you all truly live life in a way that I dream of. Peaceful, Caring, Sharing, Political, Creative, Open minded, Spiritual and Artistic.

I have been struggling through a phase of wondering my purpose as a filmmaker, a human being and as an American. Coming across your site is so inspiring to me. I do hope that our paths will cross and I will get to meet you.

Thank you so much for all that you share. All the best, Vanessa Ruan February 23, 2006