A library is available for research into the nature of the universe through indigenous cosmology, the founding of America at Cape Cod, the American Revolution, the Transcendentalists of Concord, Massachusetts and Quantum Physics.


Donations of books are welcome in the above subject areas.

The Thoreau Society has donated all past issues of their publications: "Thoreau Society Bulletin", edited by Brad Dean, and "Saunterer".

Dedicated to the Memory of Bradley P. Dean, Ph.D., Thoreau Scholar

Bradley P. Dean, Ph.D., Thoreau Scholar
February 4, 1954 – January 14, 2006


A well-respected independent scholar, Brad had recently begun teaching at Indiana University. He was also an award-winning author, and editor. He was a life-time member of the Thoreau Society and served as editor of the “Thoreau Society Bulletin.” He published three books as well as numerous scholarly articles on Henry David Thoreau. Brad’s three books were “Faith in a Seed” and “Wild Fruits,” both edited from Thoreau’s manuscripts, and “Letters to a Spiritual Seeker,” a collection of Thoreau’s letters to H.G.O. Blake. Brad was working on Thoreau’s unpublished “Indian Notebooks” at the time of his death.

Brad is featured in Connie Baxter Marlow's DVD series "The American Evolution: Voices of America"

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