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El Panchan and home to famous Maya Guide - Moises Morales
Visit El Panchan, complete with cabanas to rent,
restaurants and a constant flow of interesting people from all over the world.

For Further Maya Studies in San Cristobal de las Casas Mexico visit:
Na Bolom

Mayan Majix - Learn about the Mayan Calendar and the Evolution of Consciousness as presented by Ian Xel Lungold. Mayan Calendars, DVD's, Mayan Astrology Reports and Articles updated daily to expand your consciousness!

Center of the SUN - Joyfully offers Sacred Site Spiritual Pilgrimages
to Mexico, Guatemala and Peru, Star Elder Sessions, Sacred Site Essences,
Mayan Astrology, FREE on-line Mayan Calendars and an uplifting E-newsletter!
Check out Aluna Joy Yaxk'in and Center of the Sun

Ringing Rocks Foundation - For more information on the healing practices of indigenous peoples of the world go to:

Places of Peace and Power: Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Places of the World.
Lovely photographs and intriguing essays by National Geographic photographer
Martin Gray.

For a look into quantum physics check out:

For a bridge between cultures go to:

An international effort to protect and promote indigenous wisdom:

For more information on Kalahari Bushmen:

John Enright's artwork is a view of the earth and its natural elements, peoples and cultures in all its diverse beauty. From contemporary to classical themes, the paintings take the visitor through a large variety of cultures, history,
genre and subjects. The seascape gallery focuses on endangered oceanic
species and is devoted to helping to create an awareness of our coastal
regions and its animals.

"Alchemy of the Future". I AM BLESSING WATER Essences were inspired by Ascended Master Teachings, Dr. Emoto (from "What The Bleep" fame) and the Archangels. Read the entire story at:

Official website of Ayo Adeyemi, Master Drummer and Yoruba Ceremonial Leader from Nigeria. Ayo is a performer, teacher, and babalawo, a priest and healer in the ancient West African indigenous religion of Ifa.

Gram Twylah Nitch and the Wolf Clan Teaching Lodge of the Seneca Indian Historical Society:

For an online archive of Mexico's Huichol Indian art, history and culture:

A Greenland Elder:

For aroma therapy visit a neighbor on Page Springs Road:

For authentic Native American Guided Tours:

For Native American music, jewelry and wisdom of Sedona-based Eagle Child -- go to For Eagle Child and Rob Wallace Music go to

To view Willy Whitefeather's short film "Hope" -- "Visions of hope allow s to proceed one thoughtful act at a time." and Willy's books go to

Snowriders of American Indian Nations: Meet the Native American Ski & Snowboard Team with updates on their Olympic bid.

Creating Joyful Unity through Sports to heal Mother Earth for our children: Greating a generation of Native American Olympians.

Learn what is going on in Sedona at "" - Sedona's daily news site.

Don't miss this special place: The Well Red Coyote. A Real Bookstore for Real Book Lovers - Special folks doing great things for writers, poets and musicians  -

Mystic Tours with Rahelio. Inspirational nature outings to playces of beauty and power.  Shamanic teachings, drumming, songs and ceremony.

For metaphysical and healing services by SMSA members

 SMSA logo

For retreats in Sedona, healing in person or distance. To gain peace of mind, understanding of your life and better health. Transform your life in just a few hours.

Intuitive Reading and Counseling, Energy Healing and Balancing (Reiki, Chakra/Aura balancing, Aura-Soma color, unique cards based on Gaelic mythology) with Kavitaa from Britain.

Packages with Vortex tours. Kavitaa lived in Kyoto, Japan for over 20 years and speaks Japanese.

Shangri-La Sedona - A sanctuary for awakening, empowerment and activation. We offer day packages, retreats, vortex ceremonies, readings, massage and reiki attunements in a loving and open hearted atmosphere.

Intuitive Reading and Counseling, Energy Healing and Balancing (Reiki, Chakra/Aura balancing, Aura-Soma color, unique cards based on Gaelic mythology) with Kavitaa from Britain. In person in Sedona and by phone.

Stillpoint ... Living In Balance. Best of therapeutic massage, chakra reading, clearing & balancing. Cynthia and Joy are licensed, nationally-certified massage therapists with seven years clairvoyant/energy training. Their commitment is to provide a sacred space that facilitates healing and growth through bodywork and energetics. Come to Stillpoint…Living in Balance to rebalance, rejuvenate, and refocus.