Page Springs Wineries

"Page Springs is becoming haven for vineyards"

International wine critics and media including Robert Parker with Wine Advocate, The Wine Spectator, Le Monde, Wine Enthusiast, The Wall Street Journal, Sunset Magazine, Forbes and others have discovered Arizona growers. According to Rod Keeling, President of the Arizona Wine Grower’s Association, “The vision of world class quality wine, grown and produced here in Arizona is gaining traction every day”. Clearly, the vineyards and wineries of Page Springs are adding their world-class wines to that vision.grapevines

Although Arizona wine grape growing can be traced back some 400 years to the time of the Franciscan missions, Arizona’s modern wine industry took earnest root in the early 70’s. Today northern Arizona has become the state’s fastest growing wine region with 5 active vineyards and wineries and 3 more in start-up stages.

Located along Oak Creek, just south of Sedona, Page Springs is the gateway to Arizona’s wine country, with its microclimate of ample, warm sunshine, cool evening temperatures, mineral-rich volcanic soil and access to pure aquifer and Oak Creek water. oak creek wineryIt is the ideal location for the three small, exclusive vineyards and wineries that are gaining national recognition for high quality wine production. With the production of full and rich, flavorful red wines and vibrant white wines, these wineries have competed in the Olympics of wine tasting and been rewarded with prestigious gold and silver medals with which to grace their cellers

To these adventurous 21st century pioneers, this is only the beginning. Their goal is singular: To make the best wines in the world-wide wine industry. Whether you sip occasionally or are a wine enthusiast, come taste and enjoy their passion.


Vineyard contacts:
Echo Canyon Vineyard & Winery

Oak Creek Vineyard & Winery
Free wine tasting exclusively for Rancho Feliz guests.

Page Springs Vineyards & Cellars

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